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Crowdfunding White Label

Are you looking for a technical solution for your own crowdfunding platform? We can offer integrated solutions or build seperate platforms to suit your needs.


Crowdfunding-technology is experiencing a real boom. In Germany the internet community (crowd) is becoming increasingly important in matters of creative, business and charity funding.


Projects of all kinds, whether they are movies, music, books or anything else can be brought to life by crowdfunding. Our White-Label solution offers a number of different features that can be altered according to your needs.

Your technical partner

We offer our service and technical assisstance to provide you with a professional crowdfunding solution that meets your expectations and requirements. When required we also supply graphic and design conception and implementation.

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About Crowdfunding



Having gathered more than 10 million U.S. dollars, the SmartWatch Pebble project on the U.S. platform Kickstarter is the most successful project in Crowdfunding history. In total, nearly 69,000 people supported this project.


Stromberg - the movie

The german adaptation of the british TV Show "The office" is called " Stromberg" and is one of the most known and loved TV shows in german Television. The creators of Stromberg wanted to make a movie based on the show. They decided to use crowdfunding as a funding and marketing method and realised the project via the website myspass.de. Until now the project was Germanys most successful crowdfunding endeavor as they raised 1 million Euros in less than a week.

Our clients

We operate pling.de

Our clients: pling.de

Since November 2010, we have been operating the German Crowdfunding Plattform pling.de. People can introduce creative projects and finance them via the internet community. These can be projects from the fields of art, movie/video, technology, comics, community, craft, dance, comedy design, events, fashion, food, games, music, photography, journalism, theatre, writing, etc, many projects were financed with the help of the internet-community. We continuously develop the Platform to ensure that it remains cutting-edge.

We developed an internal crowdfunding platform for the Sparkassen-Finanzportal.

Our clients: Sparkassen-Finanzportal

We made it! Together with the Sparkassen-Finanzportal we have developed the internal crowdfunding platform “Ideenfabrik” for the german Bank Sparkasse. The portal was launched on the 20th of March 2013 and usefully combines innovation management and crowdfunding in order to centralise internal financing and the coordination processes of new ideas. Together with us, Sparkasse pursues this new, exciting path.


Pling* belongs to the first crowdfunding-platforms in Germany and has established itself in the creative and cultural industries as a platform for alternative project funding.


Pling* has a clear, understandable navigation and page structure. Its usability is one of the secrets of its success.

Top payment-solution

Our payment soultion, which we developed in cooperation with Pay Pal, makes it possible for the money to only be transferred if in fact the project minimum amount total has been reached. Other payment options can be implemented.

Feature List

  • Projectmanagement

    Project management

    Projects can be created with descriptive text, images, videos and support levels. The level of support can be set individually.

  • Share options

    Share options

    Projects can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and email. Our system automatically generates a shortened bit.ly URL for each new project.

  • Auto e-mails

    Auto e-mails

    Our system enables automatic e-mail notification after registration, after support, shortly before the end of a project, after the successful financing, etc. 

  • Comments function

    Comments function

    Project owners can receive feedback and comments on their individual projects by visitors on the site, supporters or other project founders.

  • Message function

    Message function

    Our technical solution allows users to share private messages with each other. Users will be notified of new messages automatically.

  • Billing function

    Billing function

    An excel-list – containing the usernames of supporters, email adresses and the specific funding amounts – can be exported from the backend.


If you want to know more about us or our Crowdfunding White Label Solution, please contact us:


Irgendwas anderes


Irgendwas anderes

TABLE OF VISIONS provides crowdfunding software solutions for brands, busineses and organizations. Our fully customizable white label solution can be used for donation, reward, equity, real estate and innovation crowdfunding. We work as a full service provider for clients such as the Sparkassen-Finanzportal and Deka Bank as well as Wikimedia Foundation Germany. If you want to know more about us, please visit our website:


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